Befriend a Bard

Do you love poetry and live literature events?
Would you consider befriending a bard for our 2020 Festival?

Against a background of diminishing funding for original arts, The Befriend a Bard plan can provide vital support. It will help sustain the excellent quality and broad programme of poets and events that Cheltenham Poetry Festival is renowned for.

If you take up this opportunity, you will be named as Befriend a Bard Patron on all publicity — print and online — relating to your Bard Friend’s event.

You will also receive four tickets for yourself, family, and/or friends to meet your sponsored poet at the event. What’s more, you will be able to buy two discounted tickets for any other event at the 2020 Festival.

Bards already Befriended include Penelope Shuttle and Carrie Etter. More names still not yet settled in early December include Ben Ray, John Hegley, and Rhian Edwards

A significant contribution towards the cost of bringing the poet to the Festival will secure your friendship packet. Specifically, a donation of £100 or more honours you as a Bard Friend.


To ask about befriending opportunities, please complete the form below.

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