Wildcard passes

WildcardWildcard passes, give you a way of making the most of a visit to the Festival. Each Wildcard covers two or more events on the same day, offering a much-reduced-price ticket to at least one of them. A Wildcard Pass is offered when you book for any event it includes. You can read about any Wildcard event — and book it if you wish — by clicking on its image on this page.

Thursday 16 April

feverfew 16 AprilIndigo Showcase 16 aprilOur first Wildcard offer is for 16 April, Feverfew has Anna Saunders reading from her new Indigo Dreams collection and Indi-Go Wild Showcase readings by four leading poets published by Indigo Dreams. Buying a Wildcard pass saves you half the cost of one of the events.

Friday 17 April

Rhian Edwards workshop & readingProfessor ElementalProf Elemental
and Rhi
an Edwards are both great favourites with Cheltenham audiences. He performs a lovably bonkers, comic, and thought provoking show. She offers a superb, inspiring workshop which will free your wild imagination to release powerful poems.
In between these two contrasting events is a reading and open mic led by Rhian Edwards and Gillie Harries, two poets inspired by the wild, natural world. This event also offers you priority to read a poem of yours in the open mic. If you book the workshop and Professor Elemental, your Wildcard pass will include free entry to Rhian and Gillie’s reading and open mic.

Saturday 18 April

These two events promise you an evening wild with excitement about the big themes of today. First, three poets demonstrate poetry’s unique ability to address urgent themes such as climate change, species extinction, grief and survival, and heartache. Secondly,  you’ll hear outspoken, fearless, frank, and visionary poetry from three exciting and uncompromising voices in contemporary poetry.
A WILDCARD PASS to Poetry, Sowing The Seeds and The Wild Ones saves half the cost of one event. When buying a ticket, you can choose the Wildcard option to save money. 

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