Welcome to our 10th year!

Poetry is a movable feast–
health issues are not

Cheltenham Poetry Festival
is postponed until the Autumn

To protect the health of our poets, audiences and friends, sponsors, patrons, venue staff, and the community at large, we are going to reschedule the festival from April to the end of September.

We are working closely with venues, poets, sponsors, patrons, friends and ticket-holders to deliver as much as possible of the festival that has already received with enthusiasm, acclaim and bookings. For each event we’ll communicate with all the stakeholders with the aim of sharing the event in the autumn, for those who are available on the date.

In reaching the decision to postpone the festival, we are following the NHS and Government guidance on Coronavirus, and news and advice from other countries.. This includes the predicted timeline of its spread, key directives on social distancing, and other actions that minimise spread. We have also been guided by some of our venues , which are already planning to cancel other activities.

We are immensely grateful to festival sponsors and supporters who have already come forward in full support of the postponement.


Alison Brackenbury “Cheltenham Poetry Festival is a triumph.”
Paul Stephenson “An extensive and rich festival.’
Calvin Tristan “Utterly impressive—nothing more needs to be said about these folks.”
The Guardian A poetry party with a healthy dose of anarchy”

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