Thanking Festival supporters

Friends, patrons, and sponsors of Cheltenham Poetry Festival generously support us, in addition to buying tickets, by donating money or time to help sustain the Festival for the future. We like to show our appreciation and gratitude in return by gifts or other benefits in kind for supporters to make the donation more valuable to the donor.

All who donate will be sent an invitation for a free launch party exclusive to donors, friends, patrons and sponsors, at the annual Festival in the spring after their donation. The tickets will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
All donors will, if they wish, be listed on a Roll of Honour on this website

A Friend who donates at least £15 or who volunteers 3 hours of time will be given the opportunity to buy one discounted ticket from each of 10 selected events in the next annual Festival.

A Major Friend donates at least £40 or 10 hours of time will receive one complimentary ticket to a major event in the next Festival. In addition is the opportunity to buy one discounted ticket from each of 20 selected events at the next annual Festival. The tickets will be offered soon after the event is announced, and applications will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Donors of at least £100 or 25 hours of volunteer time* for the Festival are generally regarded as ‘Patrons’ if an individual or ‘Sponsor’ if representing an organization.
Patrons and Sponsors may choose a specific event for their donation to sponsor, and will be honoured at the event and in all relevant publicity. They will also receive up 4 complimentary tickets for the event which they are sponsoring.
Finally, Patrons and Sponsors may order at discount prices two tickets for any event at the next Festival (subject to availability).
Donors who provide at least £100 to sponsor one particular poet in the Befriend a Bard scheme receive the same benefits as other Sponsors at this level.

Silver Patrons or Sponsors donate at least £250, and may sponsor more than one event, receive appropriate widespread recognition and receive a larger number of complimentary seats by special arrangement with the festival. In addition, other benefits may be negotiated such as free advertising on the Festival Website similar to those in the other levels of donation.

Gold Patrons (or Major Sponsors) contribute at least £500 to the Festival, and are honoured at every event, on the Festival website and Festival printed programme. In addition, all the other benefits mentioned above can be enjoyed.

Leading Sponsors provide the highest level of financial support and form part of the branding of the Festival as a whole. In addition, they may receive many other benefits including those mentioned above.

If you are interested in supporting the festival by donation or volunteering, please let us know by filling in the form below.
This does not commit you in any way, but is simply a request for information about your area of interest.

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