Death Sentence – poets on trial

The Old Courthouse
Mon 20th April 2020 8.30pm – 10pm

Chloe Jacquet, Joy Amy Wigman, David Mellor and Gary Death
plus Open Mic

In this magnificent Victorian courthouse setting, we put our infamous poets on trial. Three acclaimed slam champs are charged with poetic misdemeanours. Are Joy Amy Wigman, David Mellor or Chloe Jacquet guilty of crimes to rhyme? Poet Gary Death presides. Will he hand out a Death Sentence, or will he free the verse?
Plus its your chance to be in the jury or, even in the dock! Bring a poem of your own if you feel you deserve to face charges in the open mic.
Advance ticket-holders will have priority in the list of open mic poets.

Ticket Source BookWilde on Trial
The Old Courthouse
Mon 20 April 2020 7pm – 8pm
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